My poster for Leigh-on-Sea features this traditional fishing town in Essex as seen from the Thames Estuary. Leigh is famous for its cockles, and you will find the Estuary at Leigh, full of fishing trawlers bussing about on the water. In my poster leading up from the river you will see the ‘Old Town’ with its traditional cobbled streets and British pubs, and on top of the hill, St Clements Church standing tall over the town. Leigh is where I grew up, and so I no wonder why It is the first of my local posters, and has lead onto other designs for the surrounding areas such as Chalkwell and Southend.

Leigh-on-Sea - Leigh Cockles Poster Artwork

Leigh-on-Sea - Leigh Cockles Poster by Neil Fendell

Leigh-on-Sea - Leigh Cockles Poster Details


Leigh-on-Sea - Leigh Cockles Framed Poster

Leigh-on-Sea - Leigh Cockles - A2 Framed

Animated Leigh-on-Sea Poster


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