Official Leigh-on-Sea Brewery poster by Neil Fendell

I have designed a set of images with Leigh-on-Sea Brewery for their fantastic collection of beers. 
Renown - Six different malts including roasted barley, chocolate malt and rye combine in this easy drinking lightly roast stout. Fresh Leigh-on-Sea cockles join Magnum and Golding hops in the boil. 

Leigh-on-Sea Brewery - Renown Poster Artwork

Leigh on Sea Brewery Posters - Renown - by Neil Fendell

A beer to commemorate one of the Leigh little ships which sailed to Dunkirk in a bid to rescue soldiers during the Second World War. The beer is brewed with fresh Osborne cockles and is named after the famous Osborne family cockle boat the Renown.

The boat was one of six from Leigh which went over to Dunkirk but sadly did not return after it hit a mine and killed the four fisherman aboard, including Osborne ancestors Leslie and Frank. The beer has been launched by the Leigh Brewery and Osbornes who continue to honour their ancestors by ensuring the name Renown lives on.


Leigh-on-Sea Brewery - Renown Pump Clip

Renown Pump Clip Artwork by Neil Fendell.jpg

Leigh-on-Sea Brewery - Renown Image references

Renown Inspiration Images

Leigh-on-Sea Brewery - Renown Bottle Label

Leigh-on-Sea Brewery - Renown Bottle Label Artwork by Neil Fendell

Leigh-on-Sea Brewery - Cockle Row Spit Framed A2 Poster

Leigh-on-Sea Brewery Framed Renown A2 Poster by Neil Fendell

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