This is my poster for Chalkwell beach on the Thames Estuary, Essex. You’ll find the beach at Chalkwell a hub of activity with many tourists or locals alike soaking up the seaside atmosphere. One of the striking landmarks on the beach is the Crowstone. It stands on the beach as a marker for the limit of the Port of London Authority's jurisdiction. I wanted to use the Crowstone as the focal point in my poster. I also wanted to include the salt water pool (which I’ve enjoyed many times as a child) and of course the Grain power station chimney across the Thames (an unmistakable landmark on the south banks of the Estuary).

Chalkwell Beach Poster Artwork

Chalkwell Beach Poster by Neil Fendell

Chalkwell Beach Poster Details


Chalkwell Beach Framed Poster

Chalkwell Beach - A2 Framed

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