For the first time Fendell Posters has ventured outside Essex for an exciting brand new Suffolk set of designs. I am still working on expanding my local posters featuring familiar landmarks and towns around Essex, but inspired by my parents recent move to Suffolk, I couldn't help myself but include this idyllic stretch of English coastline.

Southwold Poster Artwork

Southwold, Suffolk, UK. Poster by Neil Fendell

My poster for the picturesque town of Southwold includes the world famous Southwold Pier reaching from the beautiful Suffolk Heritage Coastline out into the North Sea and, standing proud in the middle of the town the historic lighthouse, still providing a waymark for vessels navigating the east coast. 


Southwold Poster Details


Southwold Framed Poster

Southwold A2 Framed Poster
Suffolk Posters by Neil Fendell
Southwold Poster by Neil Fendell
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